Saturday, February 11, 2012

just finished watching red tails.

good movie.
i shed a tear. lol.
but thats not what i want to talk about today! hahha.
i want to talk about the college experience.
my college experience. is fantastic, i mean, i cant complain.
but people dont seem to get that yes, you're supposed to have fun, do crazy stuff, make use of the phrase "YOLO" as much as you can.
but college would oh so useless if you leave unemployed, or without some type of connects.
its all about the long run, temporary thinkers dont get too far in life.
lol. i'm starting to build my resume, && it really made me think.
college is all fun && games, but at the end of 4 years where would i be??
(graduated of course... entering nursing school, maybe even med school unless some 6'7 asian basketball player proposes to me && fly me to live with him in milan while he plays professionally overseas. ^__^)
i'm a grinder, other than being a socialite, i'm working hard to get to where i need to be in life, using up all the resources UofH is giving me.
i just felt the need to share that. ; ))
goodnight everybody. *blows kisses*

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