Saturday, February 18, 2012

cherry red 328i.

i like to think.
a lot. i like to think about my life.
i like to think about my personality, like how i come across to other people..
i like to think about my future.
i think a lot, all the times about these things.

my only motivation in life right now is a cherry red 328i BMW.
lol. i was chilling with some guys the other day && it really made me miss high school. 
i miss all my guy friends... i miss andrew, greggory lambchops, chad, neel, my cousin... even big ass Prince. lol.
like seriously, you cant trust the females out here man.
i learned my lesson the hard way.
its just too much, i'm not cut out for that life. 
besides family the only females i trust are my 3 aces. jojo, shelli && bria.
this world is a cruel place man.

i'm not looking to make more friends. 
i got my eyes on the prize, i cant get side tracked dealing with useless people.
them grades aint gonna get itself you know??

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