Sunday, January 29, 2012

today's simi's birthday.

sucky picture, but thats me, kendra && Tae Heckerd. the actress from The Game.
she came to the alpha probate last semester && i was like ahhhhhhh! : O!
just another celebrity to add to my list. hahaa! ^__^
but anyway, it was funny cause i saw her walk in && i told my friend, "wow she's really pretty."
not realizing that it was her. i just figured she was an AKA, i mean. she had the look.
she would have been a dime but she aint have no ass though. && that threw me off, cause on tv she looks real thick && stuff. but she aint have noooooo assss.
hahahahaa. its ohkay, cause she was really pretty. her hair was lovely too. 
she was real friendly, && nice. i like her.
(my grammar is horrible. but i like it.)

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