Wednesday, January 25, 2012

no one understands.

tumblr is the only thing that makes me happy anymore.
like truly elated.
i dont know if thats a horrible thing, but i ohkay with it.
i've given up on everything...
everyone. not only cause of Jake.
cause i'm just through trying.
i'm gonna be exactly who i want to be.
&& thats a person that doesnt give a fuck.
like i dont give a fuck.
dont mistake that with non chalantness. (if thats even a word)
from now on i'm just do whatever the fuck i feel like doing.
i'm mean i've been doing that from the jump, but now, its like no holds bar.
man, i'm just depressed, i'm not even gonna lie....
they say, im "too strong" to let this affect me, or "there's plenty of fish in the sea".
fuckkkkkkkk offffffffffffff!
like damn, let me just grieve in peace. shit.
anyway my tumblr is dope. 

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