Friday, January 20, 2012

my pics from DC.... finally.

 president Obama was in that limo!
my cousins didnt want to do anything so i went to go visit my friend Kendra, at Howard && we took the subway to DC. it was an experience. my first time ever riding the subway. lol.
all the buildings looked super old. like colonial.
everything was fast paced. i loved it! we walked through DC && we saw the occupy DC protesters. (they were in the tents)
i also went to the white house. i was surprised cause its not that big. well as big as i imagined it. 
but then again everything up north has like basements. so most of the white house is like underground.
&& then we were walking through all the memorial sites, i snapped the lincooln memorial && some other stuff.
&& while we were walking back, we saw all these police officers speed off in one direction && we were like wtf?!
then they started blocking off the roads... && i was like somethings going down.
so we waited && we saw this like parade of officers.
12 on motorcycles, like 3 vans, && like 4 different suburbans.
&& thats when i knew! cause i could see in one of the suburbans that their were guys in full out like uniforms with guns && i knew it was snipers!!!!!
i was like damnnnnnnn!!!! 
its serious. so once that whole thing was over, i asked the officer on the street if that was OBAMA??
&& he ever so casually nodded his head yes. 
me && kendra were like freaking out.
like that was really him!
that made my whole trip. ahhhhhhhh.

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