Saturday, January 21, 2012

May 21st 2010.

i cant forget that today.
sometimes i tear up... 
sometimes the tears actually fall...
today was one of those days.
its not really an issue to me, it doesnt really bother me anymore.
infact it keeps me humble.
but i still have flashbacks of Tobi's funeral.
like those Hollywood flashbacks... where you feel like you're actually there. everything is vivid && real.
i remember everything.
every friggin detail.
where i sat, what i wore, the way David broke down when he was reading Psalms 23...
i cant get that image out of my head.
i try not to think about it but it just happens.
i'm not gonna lie && say i think about him everyday,
but he does cross my mind quite often.
Tragic the way he passed, but it was God's will. 

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