Saturday, January 7, 2012

leaving for DC tomorrow morning!

still up.
practicing how to correcting draw/fill in my eyebrows.
lmao. i have no shame.
today i got my eyebrows waxed for the first time ever.
yes, i said ever. 
i'm 20 i just got my eyebrows done when my peers have been doing them since the age of 13.
lol. i find that hilarious.
let me even tell ya'll.
walking into the shop i wasnt sure if i was getting them threaded or waxed.
i just assumed threaded cause that's what everyone does now. i guess.
but at this shop they waxed.
so i was like alright whatever,i still wanna do it.
so i'm sitting in the chair. i told the lady exactly how i want them. 
"just clean them up. not too thin. a little arch."
i didnt want any confusion or to come out with a nail shop horror story.
so she put the wax on. it was a little warm.
then she rippedddddddd it off.
like i was preparing myself for it, but damnnnn.
like i was in shock. 
it wasnt that bad, but it was still bad.
what made it worse was that she did it quick.
like wax, rip, wax, rip, wax, rip.
lmaooo. i didnt have enough time to recover after the rips.
&& then when she was done i was like. ohkayyyy... like is this it??
i dont know why, i guess my i figured my face would be transformed after my eyebrows were done.
but i felt the same. like i didnt see the big deal about getting your eyebrows done.
so now that their "done" its still not good enough.
i gotta fill them in && arch them, && contour them.
had to got to walmart && buy brushes, concealer, eye pencils. (which i got the wrong color of)
i'm too lazy for all this.
but i guess, i'm a lady && i'm too old to walking out the house with my face not done. i finally got someone to look good for. ; ))

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