Sunday, January 15, 2012

finally back from my little vacay..

dont wanna talk about it..
i mean i will later. when i can post pictures.
but for now i just wanna vent..
one thing i love about myself is that nothing ever stops me.
i never limit myself based on silly laws or whatnot. lol.
i like testing myself && pushing others to see how far they willl go.
some like to call it manipulation. i call it "unaware participation."
but anyway, its gotten to a point where i'm not satisfied with anything.
cause when there's good, there's always better.
now there's a pitchfork in the road, i can move forward blindly or look back in hopes of change.
&& honestly idk what to do.
i never ever wanna look back on anything && feel like i didnt do enough.. but then again you shouldnt go fixing what aint broke right??
....this all sounds like jibberish i bet.
sometimes i actually "woosah" && remind myself i'm only 20.
i just did that right now. lol.
goodnight ya'll.

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