Sunday, December 30, 2012

i feel miserable. :'(

Friday, December 28, 2012

i have a crush.

on a boy.
he's not even my type.
he's regular.
nothing really outstanding or special about him.
but for some reason i like him.
he's a nice dude.. i cant explain it. lol.
i was texting nicole yesterday, giving her a hard time cause she has a date.
she told me i was "bitter", and had "bad luck with guys".
hahahaa. i dont think i have bad luck with guys, actually i think i have pretty good luck with guys... well at first.
but i do admit i'm a bit bitter. about a lot of things though...
after the last guy i was talking to.. smh.
i just really gave up on guys.
i'm surprised i have a crush on this guy!
like very surprised.
but shit happens.
its the hormones.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

oh, the irony.

i try not to see the world in black and white..
i try to be open minded..
i try not to be judgemental..
i try to plan everything down to the minute, but i love to take things as they come..
i try to let things be..
i try to make everyone happy.. to an extent.
i try not to see people as their "color" and catagorize them to act stereotypical, or accordingly..
i try to make people like me..
i try to make people like themselves.. who they are as an individual, not what they pretend to be.
i try hard to spread peace and love.. idk if its working or not. lol.
i try.. 

i'm not an alcoholic, but give me two weeks tops, and i'll make sure you'll be one. ; ))

"stay gold ponyboy"

something people dont know about me is i'm a huge movie buff!
i love to watch movies, all types, well except horror movies.
they give me nightmares.
and mysteries too. but every other type of movie, i love to watch.
i'd rather watch a good movie then go out on a saturday night.
thats how real it gets. lol.
i've never met someone who shared my love for movies.
i dont even analyze, or dissect it, i'm not into film like that, i just love to watch and be entertained.
i've noticed that sundance films are usually better than the blockbuster hits.
usually an A list cast, without all the publicity and multimillion dollar budget, of a movie that premiered in a theater.
i just finished watching the outsiders.
its one of my favorite books, but i've never seen the movie till now.
i used to be in ISS (in school suspension) a lot when i was in middle school, so i had wayyyy too much time on my hands, so i read lots of books, and the outsiders was one of the first books i read.
&& i loved it, then in like 8th grade we had it as assigned reading, so i reread it, and analyzed, and annotated and that other bullshit, that i neverrrrr everrrrr used in life.
jk, i do use some of it. i'm actually a pretty good writer.
my blog doesnt count, its meant to be very informal.
i'm rambling... lol.
but anyway, yea i like movies.
so yea, hit me up if you ever need a good movie to watch, i could suggest something. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

bria's in town for a few days, and we've been just living life.
had a girls day today, went shopping, got mini facials, got our make up didddddd. then went to happy hour.
yea, today was a good day.
i told the lady to do my make up to look very natural.
this is what she did. -__-
at first i really didnt like it, i mean its purple eyeshadow for goodness sake, but it grew on me.
and those eyebrows are not illusion, they're all mine!
i got them threaded for the first time yesterday and it hurt like shit, but my eyebrows look a million times betterrrrrrr.
i had to do a double take at myself no joke. lol.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

i like when people vent to me.

it means they trust me.
and that makes me happy.
see i'm a simple girl, doesnt take much to make me happy.
a lot of people have this preconceived notion that i'm high maintenance, or cant relate to them/their problems.
but i'm human, i've made mistakes, i've lived life.. i might look put together, but i'm really a hot mess inside. 
idk why but them trusting me, makes me trust them more.
&& for some odd reason, i feel the need to trust people.
i want to trust people.

ps. i went out with James (my brother) tonight and i actually had fun. lol.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

churros from jack in the box are my kryptonite.
like a i really contemplated, going to jack in the box right now. 
its 12am. -_-
i can turn down lots of fattening food... 
(tryna get fine for allstar weekend! 12 pounds down, 17 more to go!)
but damnnnnn, them churros wanna make a nigga say fuck it!
ok heres what i'll do... i'll get some tomorrow, and do an extra lap and extra sets at the gym.
yep! sounds pretty fair.

Monday, December 17, 2012


got a little bored at my cousin's graduation. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I resent when people say I "use" people.

like I resent  it a lot. 
like it really makes me upset.
and I'm thinking to myself, trying to figure out why...
I cant. lol.
and then i was like oh shit maybe its cause i'm manipulative..
maybe this sounds retarded, idk, but i dont feel like manipulation is using someone though.
to me, its more of a challenge, a guilty pleasure, getting someone to do what you want...
that makes me feel good. idk about ya'll.
but "using" someone, smh! such a negative connotation.
thats basically saying, i'm solely benefiting from a person, while they dont realize it.
and i would never do that! ...intentionally.
so one of my really good friends, actually one of the only people in the world i can trust, his mom works at the toyota center, and he's taken me to a couple of Rockets games.
So when i told my brother he got mad, and was like "you just be using people.. blah blah blah.. yadda yadda.."
and it really pissed me off.
like he's my friend, and if i wanna go to rockets' games, and he's willing to take me, then whats the big deal??
not like i ask him to go to every game.
i dont use people.
i would do much more for people than they would do for me, so even if it is considered using, then it would be reciprocal. 
just dont ever say that shit to me. 
cause i'll box you.

UH fall '12 nupes.

pregamed so hard couldnt even make it to the event. smh.
heard it was live, and now actually watching the video, i see it was pretty live. 
probate season is always a good time of the semester.  

Saturday, December 15, 2012

forgot to post this...

happy hour with Awet.
them kona grill margaritas had me wildin' out.
no joke.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

&& people say i always get what i want.

well, i always wanted to get married today... but that didnt happen.
crazy how life works huh??

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a young trap gode$$. salute me.

D'Corey says i need to take this picture down, because its under false pretenses, cause I look really innocent. 
idk what he means, i'm an angel. lol.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

on being a virgin..

its not that bad.
ok, it kind of is.
i mean, is it so hard to be in an adult relationship without sex being involved??
well the answer is yes!
i mean not for me, but for guys.
no bullshit i'm "talking" to 3 different guys right now and all of them are tryna fuck.
likeeeeee... :/
when i start talking to a guy i usually tell them upfront.
its easier to just get that out the way, cause if i wait to long, things get serious then i'm all hurt and shit.
cuts out all of the bullshit.
half of them dont believe me and along the line try and see how far they can get, and the other half  "respect my decision".
all of them are bullshitters honestly.
its a personal decision for me though.. i mean i do everything else i need to have something i can say no to.
plus i'm too scared to know what Josh would do if he found out. hahahahaaaa. 
he's been telling me he wont come to my wedding or walk me down the aisle if i defiled my body. lmao.
Lol. ya'll dont know my daddy. he's deadass
not like i'd tell him if i did anyway, but God would. 
i told my friend the other day, i guess she didnt know...
not like i was hiding it, everyone just assumed i wasnt cause i always get niggas to buy me stuff.
they automatically think i'm fucking them. haha.

so whenever i used to hear rumors about myself, i just laugh it off, cause honestly, i have nothing to hide.
thats why i'm so proud of myself. no gas, but i can get niggas to do things without even opening my legs, && half these hoes do it for nothing. that shit cracks me up sooooooooo much! lol.
i mean i've had some bad experiences too.
like as soon as i say, "i'm a virgin", they stop texting me! 

that happened like 4 times before! -_-

3/5 of the guys i tell just stop talking to me cold.
And they're usually the ones I really like. 
Truthfully, i mean, ok, i'm a virgin, not a saint. lol.
i've been close a few times, just never had the balls to actually go all the way.
At some point, my brain just goes "no!" and then i'm like "whew that was close.." I've been in some pretty compromising situations, usually when I'm drunk though. Hahahaa. 
Buts it's not gonna happen anytime soon. 

but the single life ain't what it used to be.
Especially cause all my friends are boo'd up. -___-

It's getting harder now, cause I want to be in a relationship but i'll lose my virginity on my terms, i dont want to be guilted, or forced, or pressured..
i want to be in love and shit.. or maybe i'll just wait forever, idk.
cause they really do only want one thing, and when I turn them down, they like to snap on a nigga. Smh.
That's why I don't sweat these dudes, fuckkkk niggas get moneyyyyyy! 

Friday, December 7, 2012

done && done.

2012 Bucketlist.

  • take a roadtrip. (in && out of state)
  • go to atleast 3 concerts. 
  • get into a 21 && up club. 
  • go to a gun range.
  • sleep on a roof.
  • audition for the Real World.
  • get my nipple repeirced.
  • consume weed brownies
  • hide && seek in the stadium.
  • Thursday, December 6, 2012

    Wednesday, December 5, 2012

    Tuesday, December 4, 2012



    austin in 2 weeks.
    no other reason but to turn up.

    Sunday, December 2, 2012

    i still hate men but he can get it once i'm over this phase.

    "3 6 9, damn your fineeee, sucky, sucky, sucky to me baby one more time.."

    i'm still mad.

    only cause i really liked him.
    every time i think about it, it makes my stomach quiver.
    why do i have feelings?!
    ok. maybe that was a little over dramatic but... : /

    like.. i swear i need my own reality show.

    no one understands the shit i go through everyday. 
    always something crazy, && when i try to retell it people think i'm gassing, or over exaggerating,
    but i swear shit like this cant be made up.
    like... i'm so done with boys!
    i'm really ready to throw in the towel. :/
    all guys are the same. 
    no of them are different.
    they all suck ass.
    every last single one of them.
    && here i go thinking, "he's white, he's differrent.."
    well boy was i wronggggggggggggg.
    men are men.
    && natural born assholes.
    ya'll wont believe this shit i went through with this dude last night.
    like i was drunk, but i remember everything..
    ugh.. i dont want to talk about it anymore.
    just know, i'm not fucking with anybody, anymore, white, black, brown, puerto rican or hatian.
    i'm done.

    Friday, November 30, 2012

    I'm selfish... and I perfectly fine being that way.
    and I dont want to change.
    I come before all of you peasants.

    but I love everyone && respect everyone...
    but I come first.
    I dont think that makes me a bad person, a selfish person maybe... but not a bad person.
    cause I dont do it with malice... but then again my selfishness hurts people sometimes...
    maybe not hurts them but annoys/agitates/aggravates them.
    I'm like good && evil at the same time... mostly good though. lol.
    like sometimes, I feel like I'm still in that 5 year old me, me, me phase... but idk.. maybe i'm over analyzing it.
    this boy told me i was selfish today. 
    I mean, I've heard it before but hearing it from him... 
    i totally forgot where I was going with this, and if you read carefully, you can see I was proud about being selfish, and now I'm not feeling being selfish anymore. 
    lol. so much goes through my head when i'm blogging..
    maybe ya'll can analyze me.
    or make a fund to pay for a therapist for me...
    am i crazy?? 
    i'm just tired, rambling... man goodnight.
    aaron's taking me on a date to the strip club. lmao.
    (it was my idea, not his.)

    Sunday, November 25, 2012

    all is right in the world... ok not really, but whatevs..

    i dont even wanna tell ya'll about my black friday struggle, like, it was a hugeeeeee force.
    && i'll probably never do it again. unless there was something i really wanted.
    but i did purchase a new camera, not the one i wanted but i got it for a good price so i'm not tripping too much.
    i miss having a camera, ya'll know i love to snap candid shots of everything.
    i can add some liveliness to my blog.
    maybe.. lol.
    sooo... there's this guy.
    ahhhhhh. there's always a guy.
    not really, but whatevs. hhahaa.
    he likes to get me drunk, but i like for him to get me drunk. ; )
    ohkay, thats enough.
    my family is great.
    i love them more than ever.
    my dad gave me $300 for my birthday, i was tryna get $500 but you know $300 will do. 
    i was tryna squeeze the other $200 out of my mom, but ya'll know how Nikki be with money. -__-
    finals are coming up.. i'm actually in the library now, attempting to study...
    but i gotta finish this semester strong, gotta grind it out so i can go to NYC for NYE.
    me && lindsey went to this indian spot yesterday, and their food was fantabulous!!
    i had the leftovers, today after church && i slept for 3 hours. lol.
    but uhmm.. yea, i got to get back to studying..
    ya'll pray for a young trap goddes$$. 
    hahhaa! i be giving myself the trillest nicknames... and i always put young in front of it.
    i'm a trip.

    Thursday, November 22, 2012

    everytime i come around for the holidays my parents ask when i'm bringing a guy home..
    shitttttttt, i'm wondering the same thing.

    Tuesday, November 20, 2012


    2012 Bucketlist.

  • take a roadtrip. (in && out of state)
  • go to atleast 3 concerts. 
  • get into a 21 && up club. 
  • go to a gun range.
  • sleep on a roof.
  • audition for the Real World.
  • get my nipple repeirced.
  • consume weed brownies
  • hide && seek in the stadium.
  • a little souvenir i picked up last night!

    times like this i'm really mad i dont have a camera!
    last night was beyondddd epic.
    the definition of "doing hoodrat things with your friends" and i have no pictures of it! ugh!
    so last night we snuck into the football stadium, initially to play hide and go seek, but we ended up in the football locker room, in the suites, and in the press box.
    we stole maddddddd shit too.
    hahaha. when i say we "snuck" boys climbed over a 10 foot gate to get in that hoe.
    yes! i mean the boys helped me, but the fact that i could actually, climb that, WITHOUT breaking anything really impressed me. hahhaa.
    we had so much fun, acting like we were spies, 007 in that hoes, and me and sarah being laura croft tomb raider. hahahaa.
    omggg. i wish i had pictures. it was so fun!
    my friends were paranoid the whole time but thats what made it fun... ya'll know i'm the fearless one.
    we spent a good hour in there just being ratchet and running across the field and shit. hahahaha.
    omg. i'm writing this thinking about everything just dying laughingggg.
    and i signed my name in the boys' locker room... half of them know who i am so theyre gonna be like wtf?? lol.
    ok, so anyway when we were finallllyyyy ready to go, the cops were situated by the exit where my friend parked. and we were like fuckkkkkkkkk we got caught. 
    but i noticed the cops were just talking to each other, patrolling and stuff. they didnt know we were in there.
    everyone was freaking out but i was like lets devise a plan! cause the boys wanted to just wait it out till the cops left, but i mean who knew how long that would be...
    so I made a plan, && we had to go allllll the way around to the other side of the stadium get out, then Xavier/Denzel (same person) would bring the car around.
    we all had stolen chairs from the suites, or the locker room so we had to lug those as quietly as we could with us to the other side of the stadium. lol.
    so we're all trying to be covert and stuff, now everyone is paranoid cause we think we hear people's voices on the inside.
    once we're on the other side.. we turn around a see the lights are now on in the press box, where we were just 10 minutes ago, and then we really start flipping out. hahaha. 
    i thought we were caught but no one was up there!
    it was so weird, maybe they turn on automatically or something, but like at 12am?? i doubt it.
    so anyway, we sneak back out, it was scary as hell for me cause those gates were really tall, and now my nerves were really bad, and i almost had a panic attack..but Denzel helped me out that hoe && then everybody else came.. and mannnnn!
    we were so hype, full of pure adrenaline, so we decided to play ding dong ditch in the quads.
    hahaha. good times.
    that night was epic.. i would do it again in a heartbeat!

    Thursday, November 15, 2012

    a poem by Logan.

    Times like this I often want to relapse
    The past is just so awesome in lust with the past tense
    Bought fought sought taught and what not
    Take this long cock of retrospective thought
    Open your legs its a way for me to steal your heart
    Virginity’s nothing to me it’s gone before we start
    Two becomes one when we lay beneath the sun
    An eclectic state of mental infatuation
    My hearts’s racing from your stimulation
    And oh if you only knew

    Tuesday, November 13, 2012


    I got high... I was high, and high was me..

    Monday, November 12, 2012

    a young vicelord is finally 21 doe!

    today was a great day! lol.
    i never really have good birthdays so i'm so i'm like extraaaa excited that today went so well!
    MARK, my right hand got me tickets to the Rockets vs Heat game tonight && it was sooooo live. even though rockets lost, it was a close game down to the last minute.
    When we were leaving we saw Johnny the Jeweler, he's like 5 foot even. lmao.
    he wished me happy birthday, && Udonis Haslem gave me his towel as he was walking in the tunnel.hahahha!
    just another celebrity towel to add to my collection. ; ))
    all in all today was a good day... everyone showed me love..
    well most people did.
    its true, you wont remember everyone who wishes you a happy birthday, but you will remember everyone who doesnt.
    && i have taken note. -___-
    man, what a day.
    my husband has to be a season ticket holder, i will put that in our vows!
    i love going to games. lol.
    && this boy i met last week wanted to take me out today but i already had plans to go to the game, so we're going out friday.
    friends showing love, heat game, and a date?? 
    this birthday cant get any better!
    it was so cute how he asked too. he was like "well i'm gonna buy you your first legal drink!"
    && then i was like... "whaaaaa?"
    i just met him last week at the UH basketball game, we talked a little, saw him while i was tailgating saturday && he got my number and we've been talking since but i thought he was just being friendly... i didnt realize he pulled me though. O_o 
    cause he's white. 
    anyway i'm excited about that. he's a sports fanatic && he has baby blue eyes. ; ))
    i can finally buy my own liquor now. ayeeeeeeeee.

    Sunday, November 11, 2012

    the day i fell in love was the worst day of my life..

    Saturday, November 10, 2012

    Friday, November 9, 2012

    Sunday, November 4, 2012

    this is how i see the election...

    Project Trix!

    the only picture i have of the kickback. i was too gone to take pictures.
     my young buck nicole.
     i was too drunk here. lol.
     this was a genuine ass laugh. hahaa.
     awet. < 3
     myspace pose.
     killuh Cami C
    turn up fest.
    loddie doddie.

    all in all project Trix was a success!
    I was so drunk && happy. all my friends were drunk, it was a good time.
    it started off rocky though, cause most of my friends told me they werent coming at the last minute, like while i driving to austin last minute. -_-
    and to make matters worse all my connects in austin weren't in austin this weekend. 
    like every single one! 
    i was a bit dissapointed but then i was like fuck it, yolo, the show must go on.
    saturday night we all turned up, got ratchet, and screamed "WESTTTTTT!" in random people's faces on 6th St., it was a jolly good ole time.
    awet bought me an "adios motherfucker" at this live ass bar called Peckerheads. like that shit threw a nigga over the edge. it was so smooth but i saw them make it && they put a lot of liquor in it. 
    && they told everyone it was my 21st and this white guy started humping me. 
    lmao. it was so funny.
    i love white people.
    i love austin.
    i love my friends.
    i love everclear.
    we had so much fun, we're planning to go back after finals. 
    i'll be 21 in 8 days, and on the cool i'm gonna have another celebration between now and then. 
    i mean why not?!

    on the cool..

    Friday, October 26, 2012

    "honered" his words not mine. lol.

    i got power over the bitches. ; ))

    project triX.

    i figure since everything is coming together nicely, i'd go ahead a elaborate.
    ya'll know when i do stuff i like to do it all out.
    soooooo... my birthday is coming up && i'm going all out. 
    i mean why not?? its my 21st.
    ok. i was planning to go all out, like on a big scale.
    but now i'm going out on a smaller scale still going all out though.
    i'm really excited.
    my original plan was to rent out a lake house on lake travis, invite all my friends down, throw a rager and but fucked up the whole time!
    lol. but nobody was tryna put in on the lake house. it was like $700 && i definitely wasnt gonna pay all that buy myself... && when i finally did find an affordable lakehouse the owner cancelled on me right when i was trying to pay for it.
    she hoe'd the helllll outta me. too tuff, i almost started crying! lol.
    so i just booked a hotel suite.. i mean, still original plans just on a smaller scale.
    my sugar daddy just gave me $300 today.
    i'm literally gonna buy $200 worth of liquor. lol.
    && use the rest for food.
    all my friends are coming down, we're gonna have a kickback and get fucked up all weekend.
    ahhhhh!! i'm so excited. 
    cant wait most of my yaggas coming down. its gonna be epicccc!!!
    nicole's gonna get me a cake like this! 

    Thursday, October 25, 2012

    for the most part.

    been so caught up in school i forget to blog...

    its not like anything interesting has happened anyway.
    well i'm still alive...
    project triX is next weekend.
    i'm uber excited about that...
    oh i saw my advisor yesterday, && after semesters of procrastinating..
    I've finally decided I'm gonna apply to PV for nursing school.
    well i guess i'll apply to other places as well, but I really want to go to PV nursing school.
    Its in the med center, so I could stay in houston, && its attainable.. now with a lot of hard work && prayer, hopefully I'll get in.
    ...that pretty much sums up my week really.

    Saturday, October 20, 2012

    i be so bored outta my mind. i just be talking shit. smh.
    i need a man. or a hobby.
    when i get bored, i overthink...
    i overanalyze.
    i do spontaneous stuff that i regret when i come to my senses.
    i dont like being alone.
    i realized that.... i rather be surrounded by people.
    i think i'm obsessed with.... someone.
    well honestly i know i'm not but ya'll might think i am by my actions.
    but i swear i'm not lol.
    i just miss him... a lot.
    i miss our friendship... a lot.
    i always think about what will transpire when i see him again.
    i know i will... i always see him.
    its not really obsessed cause i dont like him... i just miss him.
    or maybe i miss myself.. i mean life was much simpler back then.
    this is that overanalyzation shit i was talking about...
    tomorrow i'm gonna be like fuck that nigga. hahahha.
    well not really. i do miss him but gahhhleeee... does this count as being in my feelings??
    i wouldnt even know.. i've learned to suppress my feelings.. well for the most part.
    mannn i dont know. .....i dont even know.

    my birthday is going up... i'm excited about that.

    Friday, October 19, 2012

    lazy love..

    Sunday, October 14, 2012

    i'm so in love with this man.


    all my guy friends are boo'd up.
    and they dont like to hang with me anymore.
    like... this sucks.
    i expected this from females, but not dudes!
    2 of the girlfriends see me as "a threat" to their relationships.... && i'm just like whaaaaaaaaaaaa?? O_o
    me, a whole me?! threatening somebody's relationship?!
    its not even in my character. 
    lol. but i guess its time to give them their space.
    boy i tell ya, its hard out here for a pimp.

    Thursday, October 11, 2012

    i'm texting Jake right now.
    i feel like... like christmas morning.
    like christmas morning when you already snuck a peek at what your gifts are && rewrapped them back perfectly, but now you can actually open them up, and play with them, and use them, and call all your friends and tell them what you got for christmas.
    yea... i feel like that.

    Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    i dont like shy people...

    i dont like people who are overly sensitive.
    i dont like people who are underwhelmed by my presence.
    i dont like complainers.
    i dont like people who are stingy.
    i dont like people that try to pressure me.
    i dont like unambitious people.
    i dont like people who dont reciprocate the love i give them.
    i dont like people who throw themselves pity parties.
    i dont like ratchets.
    i dont like dallas people, who are country and pronounce simple words wrong.
    i dont like people who look down on others.
    i dont like people who always say that theyre independent.
    i dont like people who have ANYTHING negative to say about Michael Joseph Jackson.
    i dont like people who are satisfied with the life they lead.
    i dont like people who are self conscious.
    i dont like people who dont trust me.
    i dont like people who are nonchalant.

    ...thats all i can think of right now.

    food for thought.

    Sunday, October 7, 2012

    a short film by alvin && his brother.

    he thinks hes all hot shit now cause he got
    my token asian. < 3

    Friday, October 5, 2012

    i'm so broke right now it doesnt even make sense. :/

    Tuesday, October 2, 2012


    isnt it so cliche how people think and talk about their "destiny"..
    like its real. but we dont think about it how it should be thought about...
    if that makes any sense.
    i'm at that age where excuses are irrelevant to me.
    if i want something, i'll do it.
    if i need something, i'll get.
    i mean i always had this mindset, but now its onto bigger and better things.
    im broadening my horizons.
    like no one really understands this, but the sky is the limit.
    we're given so much opportunity to MAKE things happen.
    not to sit around and wait for an out miraculous opportunity to slap us in the face.
    cause there's like a 1 in a million chance that that will happen.
    i make a lot of shit happen. 
    but that was little stuff... i'm off trying to climb that social ladder.
    now all i'm worried about if career wise.. i gotta make that happen for real.
    my gpa might not be the highest but my drive, charm, and manipulative ways will take me everywhere i need to go in
    its true.
    atleast i hope its true.
    i just hate to see people do the average.. live life, just to live life.
    existing really, not living.
    we can make our own destiny.
    i think that sounds a little far fetched too people, so they just live a mediocre life.
    but i realized that at a younger age, and now i have all this space and opportunity to actually make something happen.
    literally, something out of nothing... 
    i hope i dont fail myself.

    Sunday, September 30, 2012

    these were the only "appropriate" photos we took last night. hahaha.

    mary lou's birthday.
    Zake, then we went bowling at 300.
    as you can see some were a little more wasted than others. lol.
    we were all on that "functioning drunk" level. goodtimes man, goodtimes.