Wednesday, December 28, 2011

i know i'm stupid. but i'm keeping all the stuff Jake P. bought me. lol.
so my dad gave me some christmas money to buy the new camera i wanted so now i dont have to sell his stuff.. lol.
plus i'm over it.
i've learned the hard way. not to hold a grudge too long or the other person will just move on...
this has happened one too many times.
plus today i had to lay my G5 to rest.
like its done me so well, i'd hate to just abandon it but its served its purpose && has done its time..
its time i upgraded to another camera.
this one will be spectacular..
so instead of having 4 cameras i'm back down to 2.
well one, with the prospect of getting a second one.
i'm excited. i'm gonna do all my research && talk to fagan so this camera will be legit!
goodnight ya'll.

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