Saturday, December 31, 2011

hi everybodyyyyy! cool story.

so i was talking to my brother && he was telling me how one his friends used to be an avid reader of my blog not knowing that we were related. hahaha.
according to him the person said i was crazy, && they were shocked at how i claimed to prostitute && the crazy stories in my life && whatnot. 
that made me crack the hell up! hahahahaha.
well i do prostitute... well i did.
hahhha. long story but it was an inside joke between me && my then best friend.
her mom used to call her a prostitute cause we'd chill with boys, or whatever she wore, or we'd be out somewhere.
stupid stuff like that, so we just owned it.
we started a whole movement actually. hahaha.
but anyway, james (my brother) stated i claimed i was a prostitute cause i wanted attention.
sweetie, does he know who i am?!!
lol. but seriously. i used to care about that stuff, had a taste of that life...
its too much pressure. everybody looking at you for your next move, wondering what your gonna do next.
its not that crucial! hahhaa.
anyway, whoever my brother's friend was, thanks for making my day.
hope you still read.... my life is pretty entertaining aint it?? 

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