Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas day blues.

Christmas started of great. 
went to church, saw some friends all'at.
came home, slept.
did much of nothing like any regular sunday.
we dont really exchange gifts in my family anymore but i decided that i was gona get my parents && little sisters stuff.
when i was growing up we always had lots of presents under the tree.
i mean its bad enough that we dont have a tree anymore i dont want my sisters to miss out on gifts as well.
i felt good seeing those ingrates open up their gift from me. lol.
my parents didnt get me anything... i didnt really mind.
i hate to brag but i got more than enough from J.P.
i got it like 2 weeks ago but surprisingly didnt open them till today.
like no bullshit tears rolled down my eyes.
i got a coach wristlet, a camera && a pair of steve madden boots.
like wtf?! best Christmas day ever.
BUT he pissed me off on friday to a point of no return, good thing i already got my gifts first. hahaha.
but seriously this was one of the nicest things anybody have ever done for me && i love him so much cause he listens bro.
this is so unexpected, like wtf?!!!!!!!!
i lost my coach wristlet like around thansgiving which had my camera in it && a lot of other stuff.
&& thats why i'm so happy! like i needed a new camera && my wristlet doubled as a wallet.
&& then the boots.. we all know i die for shoes. i'm just so damn happy right now.
BUTTTTTT. i'm selling this shit.
hahah. fuck J.P. ohkay all except the boots.
i invested too much time && emotion to get shot down like i did on friday.
its either my way or the highway Paco. 
but seriously i'm too young to be feeling this old. 
our relationship is sweet toxic. thats all i'm gonna say.

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