Saturday, December 31, 2011

a few pictures from ifunaya && noella's kickback.

as you can see i was beyond gone. hahahhaa.
goodtimes man. ^__^

hi everybodyyyyy! cool story.

so i was talking to my brother && he was telling me how one his friends used to be an avid reader of my blog not knowing that we were related. hahaha.
according to him the person said i was crazy, && they were shocked at how i claimed to prostitute && the crazy stories in my life && whatnot. 
that made me crack the hell up! hahahahaha.
well i do prostitute... well i did.
hahhha. long story but it was an inside joke between me && my then best friend.
her mom used to call her a prostitute cause we'd chill with boys, or whatever she wore, or we'd be out somewhere.
stupid stuff like that, so we just owned it.
we started a whole movement actually. hahaha.
but anyway, james (my brother) stated i claimed i was a prostitute cause i wanted attention.
sweetie, does he know who i am?!!
lol. but seriously. i used to care about that stuff, had a taste of that life...
its too much pressure. everybody looking at you for your next move, wondering what your gonna do next.
its not that crucial! hahhaa.
anyway, whoever my brother's friend was, thanks for making my day.
hope you still read.... my life is pretty entertaining aint it?? 

Friday, December 30, 2011

i have no friends...
everyone hates me...
&& you know what?? i'm perfectly fine with that. ^__^

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

i know i'm stupid. but i'm keeping all the stuff Jake P. bought me. lol.
so my dad gave me some christmas money to buy the new camera i wanted so now i dont have to sell his stuff.. lol.
plus i'm over it.
i've learned the hard way. not to hold a grudge too long or the other person will just move on...
this has happened one too many times.
plus today i had to lay my G5 to rest.
like its done me so well, i'd hate to just abandon it but its served its purpose && has done its time..
its time i upgraded to another camera.
this one will be spectacular..
so instead of having 4 cameras i'm back down to 2.
well one, with the prospect of getting a second one.
i'm excited. i'm gonna do all my research && talk to fagan so this camera will be legit!
goodnight ya'll.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas day blues.

Christmas started of great. 
went to church, saw some friends all'at.
came home, slept.
did much of nothing like any regular sunday.
we dont really exchange gifts in my family anymore but i decided that i was gona get my parents && little sisters stuff.
when i was growing up we always had lots of presents under the tree.
i mean its bad enough that we dont have a tree anymore i dont want my sisters to miss out on gifts as well.
i felt good seeing those ingrates open up their gift from me. lol.
my parents didnt get me anything... i didnt really mind.
i hate to brag but i got more than enough from J.P.
i got it like 2 weeks ago but surprisingly didnt open them till today.
like no bullshit tears rolled down my eyes.
i got a coach wristlet, a camera && a pair of steve madden boots.
like wtf?! best Christmas day ever.
BUT he pissed me off on friday to a point of no return, good thing i already got my gifts first. hahaha.
but seriously this was one of the nicest things anybody have ever done for me && i love him so much cause he listens bro.
this is so unexpected, like wtf?!!!!!!!!
i lost my coach wristlet like around thansgiving which had my camera in it && a lot of other stuff.
&& thats why i'm so happy! like i needed a new camera && my wristlet doubled as a wallet.
&& then the boots.. we all know i die for shoes. i'm just so damn happy right now.
BUTTTTTT. i'm selling this shit.
hahah. fuck J.P. ohkay all except the boots.
i invested too much time && emotion to get shot down like i did on friday.
its either my way or the highway Paco. 
but seriously i'm too young to be feeling this old. 
our relationship is sweet toxic. thats all i'm gonna say.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Saturday, December 17, 2011

one of my favorite songs.

it just irks me.

i'm not in the least bit perfect, or walk around like i'm holier than thou..
but it really irks me.
when people judge you off of your skin complexion.
like really??
i was talking to one on my guy friends who's mixed. mexican && black.
&& he told me he'd never go for a black girl. maybe a pretty light skinned but not just a dark skinned black girl.
&& i'm like ohkay. you know thats your preference. cause i know he usually goes for snowbunnies && mexican chicks.
but his reasoning behind it just made me cringe.
like nobody can determine their skin color, its inevitable.
you just deal with what you get.
&& then its the whole stigma that light skinned girls are prettier than darker ones, or light skinned guys are pussies while dark skinned guys are more masculine.
like who made this shit up?!!
i honestly dont care about color, you could be purple as long as you have a good heart && a fat wallet, it'd make no difference to me.
its a cycle.. && i feel like its never gonna be broken. smh.

Monday, December 12, 2011

ya'll i'm in fucking love.

i've been in love before. i know what it feels like... this it it.
i'm in love ya'll.. with the greatest man i've even met in my life.
lowkey 12/12/12 might actually happen. i wont force it, but it just might happen.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

listen. you'll love it.

my Watch The Throne experience!

was one of the best nights of my life. no bullshit.
the concert was amazing.
my seats were amazing.
they did FIVE encores of niggas in Paris.
ended up making it to the floor seats.
where i was surrounded by wealth.
met my future husband jake.
its only been a few days but i'm head over heels for him.
he might be "the one" ...i'll elaborate in another post.
like it was just amazing. && i got a picture with Tracy McGrady.
everyday i wake up reminiscing about it. 
it was epic.