Tuesday, November 1, 2011

there's only one person in the world i want to talk to right now.
he probably thinks i hate him.
i used to.
...i used to resent him.
but then again, i resent everyone eventually.....
well, everyone that doesnt appreciate me.
i miss him terribly.
but i pushed him away, many times.
i just wanna spend hours on the phone with him talking about nothing.
.. like with me it always gets to a point where after people piss me off i just cut them off.
they're dead to me, i ignore their calls/texts, all their gestures, etc.. 
but then like after a while.. a long ass while.. i get over it, but by then i've pushed the person so far, like to a point of no return. 
its a very viscous cycle.
i miss him so much. a lot.
no one to blame but myself, but sometimes he can be an inconsiderate selfish asshole.
but we're family && i love him.
i'll make an effort to see him if he comes back over Christmas Break.

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