Sunday, November 20, 2011

My PV Homecoming experience.

i'd rate it a out of 4 out of 10.
dont get me wrong, all the parties were liveeeeeee, liver than live, exponentially live!
but i just couldnt enjoy myself because of the people i was surrounded by.
which in itself was tragic.
most of the time i spent there, i was at the events one deep, it never stopped me from having fun, but i couldnt really enjoy myself cause i was by myself.
like it was just a very annoying experience, because every single day, every event they had had the potential to be epic.
i should have really thought twice about going when jojo said she couldnt come anymore, but i can never turn down a road trip, especially when i wasnt having to a lot of spend money.
but they always say, "you dont really know someone until you work, live, or go on a vacation with them."
hahhaa. something like that.
mannnnnn, boys was acting allllllll the way brand new, like on some schizophrenic shit.
honestly i was ready to leave on friday, but no one was going back to houston.
aint no reason to stay in PV feeling tortured until sunday.
every single day, i was pissed off for one reason or another, all legitimate reasons.

i didnt even take any pictures of us, just the rick ross concert. like you know i had a horrible time if i didnt snap not one picture!

i was just soooooo over it.
i called up camiron, taped a note to the apartment door && left last night/early this morning, shoutout to killa cami c.
but i will be back next year with jojo, shelli && bria, PV did show me a good time. ; ))
i realized its never where you go, it all depends on who you go with,
like in my occupation, being a TRILL OG BOSS, well just being me, i always try to make the best out of every situation.
i mean complaining can only get you so far.. i could serioiusly be stuck in the woods with my girls, && we'd have the best time just doing nothing, enjoying each other's company.
it was just a eye opening experience, you never really know somebody, until you know somebody.

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