Saturday, November 5, 2011

man i got mad love for my mom.
she came through the crib today slanging groceries && stuff.
I guess i dont say it enough but i really do love my mom.
she's the only one that has my back 1,000%.
even my dad dont have my back like that. 
but my mom is ride or die.
i was talking to her the other && she gave me the realest advice i've ever heard.
i was telling her about a situation where somebody did me wrong && i didnt wanna use my resources to help them out...
she was like "dont do an 'eye for an eye'."
&& i've heard that phrase before, but when she said it. it really resonated.
i can be am very spiteful at times.
but if you do good things to other people && they dont return the favor, it does make your good works any less good.. 
i dont know... it was like my ears, connected to my brain, for once, && understood everything.

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