Thursday, October 13, 2011

yesterday i went to CSO meeting. (Caribbean Student Organization) with my friends && they asked us to introduce ourselves.
when they got to my turn all i could do was smile && giggle. 
i wasnt nervous, i just get shy around people i havent met.
my  friends were baffled. lol. 
as loud, arrogant, && obnoxious as i am, yes i am pretty shy until i get comfortable with people. lol.
which doesnt take long. but that made me think.. 
i wish someone could give me an accurate description of myself.
i feel like i'm not aware of how i act all the time, or how i come across towards people.
i must be missing something cause people be acting stank towards me.
&& i be "like why??" just so happens to be the people that are close to me.
this shit crayyyyyy. they got me stressing out. breaking out with acne.
never been one thats TOO proud, i'm proud, dont get me wrong, but i'm mature enough to admit my faults.
unlike some people. -___-
i try not to stress over people that i know wont be as successful as me in the future but damnnnnn how much can a girl take??

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