Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trixie's Interlude.

i love when people doubt me, whenever they underestimate.
a lot of times people feel as they have a lot to prove to others, i dont feel that way at all.
i feel as though, i've proven myself enough times, to enough people, that i could really care less.
i'm 19 && i have no care in the world, but am fully conscious of my future...
idk, it makes sense in my head.
the best way to get me to do something to tell me that i cant do it.
its the worst type of reverse psychology but i always works.
i love proving people wrong about me.
no one knows me. i'm like a fire cracker, no one knows when i'm gonna pop!
ahahahaahaaaaaaa. omg. that was funny.
my next plan of action.... get someone to write an interlude about me.
i need to date a musician.

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