Monday, October 17, 2011


i hate the fact that i can never keep a straight face when i lie.
i cant stand the fact i refuse to see people true colors, especially when their right in my face.
i realized that as much as i want to be promiscuous, i'm not. at all. whatsoever.
i hate when dudes put their hands on me.
i dont like when people tell me to calm down.
i still have hope that someone out there wont ever let me down. ever.
it bothers me that i'm no ones first choice.
i cant stand when people think i'm over exaggerating.
i like to tell people their delusional. 
i secretly live for moments when i introduce myself to someone && they already know who i am. (for whatever reason.)
i have a problem accepting defeat.
my strengths are also my weaknesses.
i realized that i've been hurt more by my friends than any of my past loves.
my blog is my haven. wouldnt trade it for a million dollars, && ya'll know how much i like money.
it bothers me that people dont think i've ever been in love.
i feel like when i'm happy the world is happy.
i'm infatuated with albino children.
i want the world to accept me as me, i dont want to accept how the world wants me to be.
...just some things i realized.

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