Monday, October 3, 2011

my Beyonce experience.

where do i even begin??
today i met Beyonce.
i touched her.
she touched me.
we exchanged words.
we took a picture.
one of the best experiences i've had in my life.
there's a long elaborate story behind this but my adrenaline is still high from like 8 hours ago. lol.
i'll just stick to the high points.
BIG shoutout to my friends Sandra && Shay for letting me know about the event.
Shay got a email from her women's studies class that invited them to an event with Tina Knowles.
an interview about her life, focusing on her business, && her fashion line.
she told me about it last week && we were all excited about it, but earlier today we decided that we weren't gonna go cause we NEEDED to be in cal 2. NEEDED
 so me, michelle, && shay were on the shuttle coming from Cullen, when shay got a text from Sandra that she saw Beyonce in the library.
&& that was totally plausible cause Tina Knowles was supposed to be there.
we started freaking out on the bus && soon as the bus stopped sprinted to the library.
i almost tripped, stumbled. had my bookbag on my back running like a crazy person to the library.
we got there. 
i was frantic, outta breath, && excited!!
a few other people confirmed that she was actually there. 
&& we headed upstairs to the event, showed them my school id then proceeded to walk inside && find the closest seat i could to the front. 
which was wayyyy at the back. lol.
it wasnt a big crowd, cause it was a private event so no one really knew about it.
honestly i would have stood up the whole time, just to get a glimpse of Beyonce but i was good where i was sitting.
The interview started. Tina Knowles is gorgeousssssssss!!!!
like seriously no boost.
she was stunning. everything about her && Beyonce was flawless.
skin, hair, nails, teeth, outfit. all flawless.
She had a good interview. was very funny. shared a lot about herself. broke into tears a few times. was just real graceful && elegant.
after she got done with the interview they did a Q&A && she answered one of my questions! lol.
i asked, "Do you ever look back on an outfit that you've ever worn or designed && thought 'what the hell was i thinking??'"
&& she answered it! lol.
so the started concluding the interview, everyone was packing up there stuff && i ran up towards the front so i could snap a photo of Beyonce. i was literally 1 foot away from her!
she was talking to the lady next to her, && as soon as she was done i was like "can i please get a picture?!!"
she was like "sure!"
so i basically trampled the people that were next to her, cause was sitting in the middle of her row && i stood next to her, put my hand around her waist, held her hand, && smiled like there was no tomorrow!
lol. her security guard was tapping me, trying to get my hands off of her, but i turned around looked at him said "NO!" then turned back && smiled for my picture.
after i got my picture security whisked her away.
i was the ONLY person to get a picture with her. ^__^
i snapped some more pictures then they made everyone leave the room we where in so they could do interviews && whatnot.
me && they girls stayed upstairs, now by this time basically all 40, 000 students at UofH were in, around, or by the library. 
which was crayyyyyy crayyyyyyy. 
everyone was trying to get a picture or trying to get to the area we were in, which was blocked off by police.
mannnnnnnnn, today was amazingggggggg. 
she's so beautiful. like seriously.
her skin is flawlessssssss!
ya'll will see in my pictures, i used my point && shoot not even my good canon.
&& yess she is pregnant, had her baby bump && everything. 
she wasnt much taller than me, && i'm 5'5 && she was wearing heels.
not as thick as she looks on tv. actually she was really skinny.
gahhhhhhhleeeeee. today was amazing.
 ^ zoom in on her nails. now tell me she aint from Houston?!! she must've went to Angies. lol.


  1. i cannot believe u met BEYONCE!!!! dang i am jealous :(

  2. your so luckyyyyyyyyy.

  3. hi guysssss. man. it was an amazing experience. ^____^