Friday, October 28, 2011


every girl needs a Joe in their life.
words cant even describe how i feel about this boy.
you ever had a dude that cared about you like you were their own?? 
not a family member, not someone you've known since you were 2, not someone tryna hit, just someone that waltz into your life && actually cares about you, goes outta there way to make sure your ohkay??
never in my life have i met a perfect stranger that cares about my well being just cause.
its crazy. 
i met him a few weeks ago && he's impacted my life so much.
i got so much love for him. 
i feel like i'm the sister he's never had && he's the type brother i've always wanted..
I just thank God for his life...
he does a lot for me, && doesnt want anything in return.
even when i do offer.
i wish i had 20 more people like him in life.

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