Sunday, October 16, 2011

i think i'm gonna stop drinking.

man, i might actually do it.
people always try to take advantage while i'm drunk!
Gahleeeee, its become a problem now.
this boy definitely threw me into a pool, against my will at this pool party.
but then again i wasnt even drunk at that point...
&& then had the audacity to try to talk to me after. but ya'll know i dont play that.
i mean i was fully clothed, wearing vintage YSL. come on guyyy. i begged him not too but he still threw me in.
but i got him good. lol.i hit him in his nuts. TWICE. ; )) he didnt fall over, but i know he was hurting.
its cause i drunk flirted with him, but for no more than 10 minutes && then this nigga caught feelings!
wouldnt leave me alone the whole night.
even after i sobered up.
he kept touching me, && kissing on me, && this nigga licked IN my ear! inside of itttttttttttt! yuckkkkkkkk.
that might turn some girls on but no, not I. that shit is disgusting!
mind you i just met him like 2 hours before.
i'm getting nauseous just thinking of it.
smh. never again.
some other stuff happened to, nothing i wanna disclose. 
lol. dont know who all is reading.
he was 21 but acted like an 8 year old.
yep, i have no more hope for mankind. 
i'm switching teams.

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