Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i think i found my calling.

i want to be a motivational speaker.
i just feel like people walk around following rules, doing what their told, && just being ordinary.
but how far has being ordinary got someone in life??
no boost but i believe i'm extraordinary.
its the inner rebel in me.
i do what i want. && stopped fearing the consequence.
big risk, big reward. && my life consists of daily risks, if you couldnt tell.
maybe i'm just feeling myself today, but i really think know i inspire some people.
(i know cause they tell me. lol)
i mean just do what you want. 
live your life how you want it.
forget how everyone else feels.
i just wish everyone was as bold as me. 
i mean sometimes it is a problem i get, cause i get obnoxious but then again thats just me.
it just irks me how much people limit themselves because their too concerned with other peoples' opinions.
i mean like damnnnnnn! 
they word "no" or "stop" has never stopped me from doing anything i wanted to do.
actually, nothing has ever stopped me from getting/doing something i want.
except my grades. lowkey.
but even with that.. my determination && drive makes up for where i lack in grades.
i refuse to fail. its just not a possibility. 
no matter how long it takes, how many hours i gotta study, how many stuff i got to cheat on, how "creative" i have to be, how many people i gotta leech off of.
lol. i'm serious. there will be a Dr. in front of my name!
hopefully, rather sooner than later.

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