Tuesday, September 27, 2011

this is disturbing...

never in my 19, almost 20 years of life, have i been "the other woman."
aint no place relevant besides number one if you ask me.
but its just so weird! 
on my part i was unaware && caught off guard by the whole situation.
its just upsetting to me cause i thought i took the necessary precautions, did my background research && everything... 
but when you ask someone a direct question && they give you a direct answer && you have no reason to doubt them like why wouldnt you believe them??!!
but i forgot to take into account that boys are shady lying pieces of shit. 
i'm dissappointed in myself. i got played by the most irrelevant, non motherfucking factor person to cruise this earth.
it doesnt hurt that much cause it happened months ago but everything is just unraveling now, but i'm still pissed. 
it just caught me off guard. i lost some cool points for that one. lol.
i'd never purposely put myself in a situation like this or ever even wanna go through this again.
i'm just a bit distraught... i'll get over it in a day or two. lol.
i just wanted to vent. saying enough, with out saying anything at all.

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