Saturday, September 10, 2011

never been much of an introvert, but it suits me..

i dont like when people charge me up, but they seem do it all the time.
i'm flattered that everyone "misses" me && would like me to "hit them up" as much as i used to, but damnnn, there's a THICK line between concern && rudeness that certain people have still manage to cross.
i'm not brand new, trust me, if i was i'd personally let you know.
i've just taken some time for me.. you know??
gahleeeee, ya'll should be happy for me...
but people think i just cut them off cold turkey, but i stopped talking to pretty much everybody all together..
swear i used to use 3,000+ text messages a month, last month i barely hit 900. lmao.
i lost faith in the human race && decided to put my faith where i know it cant fail me.. with God.
&& in myself a lil bit too. lol.
cant rely on other people too make you happy, cause trust me, you'll be waiting for a lifetime...
not gonna lie, there are times when i wish i could just call up somebody, spill out my guts then be consoled, or comforted, all that jizz but i rather have my sanity than stress over who betrayed me today.

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