Friday, September 16, 2011

my J Cole experience!!

"so... went to the J. Cole concert, i was HYPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! so friggin exciteddddd. so we got there a little after 8. && the line was mad long. like danggggggg. i was like oh hell nawwww, i'm not going to the end of this line, it was wayyyy too crucial i was tryna scope out people i knew so i cut them, but thankfully there was distraction so we got into the line. kinda close to front  && i was surprised cause no one charged us up or anything cause ya'll know i wouldve been knocking chicks down. lol. but anyway we get inside and the place was like half filled already, but people were just lounging around not worried about there spot in the front lmao. suckers. so me && my crew, started off at the side. FARRRRRR right, but then i started working my way to the front. i told everybody to stay close to me cause regardless i was getting to the front. within our 1st move everybody got left behind, it was only me && crystal lol. within one move from being in the FARRRR left we were close to the middle 5 people in front of me. && i was like YUHHHHHHHHH! Lol. i was tryna make some more moves && work my way to the front bt this dude kinda saw what i was doing && closed us off! smh. he was a hoe so i was like damn this is not gonna work so i quick thought of another plan then whenever the music got crunk again && ppl started dancing i made another move closer to the front but still not where i wanted to be && i almost gave up cause we were in that position for a minute. lol. this lil paki girl standing next to me kept like rubbing up against me && she was tryna inch her way to the front too but if i'm not getting to the front NOBODY is so i looked at her && i told her, "you know your not getting in front of me right??" && then this girl wanna pop off!! CAN YOU IMAGINE?!! lol she started getting all loud like "what you mean?? i was here first.. blah blah blah blah.." she was causing a scene && this boy that was in front of us was tryna "break it up" he was like, "ya'll calm down, its not that serious. blah blah blah" lol. he was holding her back && i sure did make my way to the front! LMAO. then when i was in front of her i turned around && i smiled at her then did a little chuckle. lmao. at the end of the day i was STILL in front of her. now there was... ..only 2 people ahead of me! i was ALMOST there. i was standing by these crunk ass mexicans lol. yo they were funny AF! they kept sparking up && they knew ALL the lyrics to all the old h-town songs. they were liveeeeee. hahha. so as they were getting crunk i worked my way to.. ..the front front!! && i made it! lmao. i looked back && crystal was long gone. hahaha. stillin the back, i told her to stick with me, but she's not aggressive enough. anyway i got to the front in just enough time for j. cole to come out yo when i tell you this guy is amazing, believe me! this guy was AMAZINGGGGG. ya'll he did all my songs. he looked at me STRAIGHT in the eyes THREE different times!! the first time he looked at me, he was doing a song i forgot which && i was fumbling up on the lyrics, it was so embarrassing, cause i know he could tell, he just smiles at me some more yall when i tell yall i died, mannn i DIEDDDD! then later on he threw out a towel.. he'd been wiping his face with, like right in the front! RIGHT where i was standing, but beverly's tall ass caught it. i was so mad cause i was RIGHT thereeee! i almost fought her too. it was that serious. then later on her threw out another towel && this Asian girl caught.. && i tried to grab it from her hands but her boyfriend was there. -____- he was like 6'6 atleast. i ALMOST took an L. but he had ONE.. ..more towel left && i was determined to get it! so i waited the whole show && after he was done i guess he forgot to throw it out && it was... on his dj's table so i yelled at the dj real louddd, "AYEEEEEE, AYEEEEEE AYEEEEE DJ LEMME GET THAT TOWELL!!"  AND THEN HE GAVE IT TO MEEEEEE!!!!!!! I AM NOW IN POSSESION OF J. COLE'S SWEATY TOWELLLLLL! ^____^ HIS SWEAT TOUCHED MY FACEEEEEEE!!!!!!! ^________^ && ALL YOU HATERS CAN SUCK MY COCK. ^______^ ...&& me and monica spent the night at tonia's apartment && thats it. THE END. ^______^"

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