Wednesday, September 21, 2011

apartment #905

man. its an odd feeling.. i'm excited yet nervous at the same time.
my first apartment ever. didnt think i'd even been in apartment at this age. 
i planned on living off my parents till my husband came && took me away.... or atleast until after i graduated from college. lol.
so much responsibility && stuff. but my roommate is cool, my closet is HUGE, && atleast i'm not in the house... ^__^
but anywayyyyyy, so we go there yesterday to sign the lease && move in.. 
we get inside, first of all it smelled like ass, AND THEN of all they claimed it was "cleaned" but my face was like -_____-. 
it wasnt dirty, but it wasnt up to par. at all.
we opened to fridge && saw some dead baby roaches -___________-
one thing about me. i DONT do roaches. at all. whatsoever. in any circumstance.
i was like ewwww. but ohkay, its understandable. new apartment && all.
we saw some other stuff thats not up to par as well so we went to the head office, they got maintenance to come yesterday && today.. so i was like cool, cool...
we leave, come back a few hours later && i swear to you. its like these roaches were playing hide && with each other!!
like WTF! i was like fuck this, fuck this apartment. fuck all this shit!
i was like ughhhh hell no. cant stay here tonight. 
like a jamboree of roaches! mannnnn, i was like this cant be life. 
so me && monica went to cullen && crashed at laura's.
thank God for laura. 
anywayyyyyyyy, we went to walmart today && bought everythingggggggg.
got back && sanitized && raided the whole place. bought some things to make it look homey too.
its still bland, && empty but its coming along. feel free to offer me some furniture!
i'm not sleeping there tonight either, i rather crash on campus. lol.

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