Thursday, September 8, 2011


crayyy crayyy story!!
so me && michelle were coming back from class && we saw this guy that looked familiar.. swear mid conversation... we saw him, looked at each other && instantly knew it was him.
i'm not even even gonna lie, i was kinda star struck, && freaked out a little...
man, i couldnt help it. ahhaaa.
i wanted to say hi, but was nervous && michelle aint the type to go up to anybody.
i was like damn, if shay was here she'd say how to him with me, cause we always watch his videos.
well come the next day, yesterday, we saw him again at the UC. i freaked out again. ahahha.
&& shay wanted to say hi to him. i was like nawww, leave him alone.
but of course she called him over.
we spoke a bit. he is sooooooo cute && sooooo short!
OMG i love him. i want him to be my bestie.
anyway me made michelle take a pic. ahhhhhhhh, yesterday was a good day.

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