Sunday, August 7, 2011

thought about this while i was getting my hair braided yesterday..

Topic: Trust.

putting your trust in someone new is equivalent of having a piggy bank.
starts off empty, then after each good deed, great moment, or exhibit of friendship, you fill the piggy bank.
maybe a little, maybe a lot.
sometimes something minimal will occur when you gotta turn that piggy bank over && shake out a couple of cents. but the piggy bank is still intact.
now the piggy bank is officially filled to the brim so you decide to make a purchase, something big happens...
so you break the piggy bank, a time comes up when your friend is put to the test..
you use the money in your piggy bank to buy something, then find out all the time && effort you put into saving all those coins was worth nothing because the shit you bought was defective..
in other words, your friend hoe'd you big time.
you take your L. your feelings are hurt, you slowly move on.
someone gives you a new piggy bank... what are you gonna do??
cant really take another upset like that of the last piggy bank.... piggie banks now have a bad taste in your mouth...
the same goes for people.

lol. it makes sense in my head.

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