Friday, August 12, 2011

i'm starting to sound like a broken record.

but i feel as though people dont realize there's a difference between looking out for yourself first && looking out for yourself only.
like a handful of people in my life are like that. 
&& it sucks cause i'd like to think i have a good judge of character, but damn some of these people are just ruthless!
people always say "if everyone doesn't like you then maybe your the problem."
i did a self evaluation then laughed my ass off. nope, not from where i'm sitting.
honestly i'm better off but damn. its like i got feelings too.
in high school i was tough. hardcore, had my wall built hiighhhhhhhh.
then college broke those walls, only for me to have to build them up again... which isnt fun. :/
i decided to take a break from everyone....
i dont return phone calls, barely text, dont even get on twitter anymore.
people upset me.
its a shame that people are still "finding themselves".
at your age?!!!
sweetie pleaseeeee get it together.

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