Tuesday, August 16, 2011

for some reason i want to cry..

its crazy man.
i dont know why.. hahaha.
i'm up, i actually finished watching friends with benefits awhile ago.. it was good i liked it...
but something has evoked emotion in me.
idk whattt. goshhhh this is such a weak female trait.
i got on twitter, tweetpeeped a little bit then logged off.
there's really no use to get on other than for me to brag about all the great things i'm doing on the daily.
...rubbing it in everyone's faces. lowkey though.
hahahaa. suddenly i dont feel that urge to cry anymore.
wow. blogging always helps me.
even if i talk about crap...
doing my first photo shoot wednesday...excited to say the least.
anywho goodnight.

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