Thursday, July 21, 2011

just had to check myself.

i'm scared of the next time i fall in love, its like i want this so bad, i want that to be the last one, i want to be married && start a family.. i hold that higher than everything else in life...
idk why, i'm still trying to figure that out myself, but i get so blinded by MY intentions to start a family that i fail to realize, its that its not the right time, or the right person..
i'm not gullible in the least bit && whenever i set my mind or heart on something, i get it. about 95% of the time.
&& that scares me cause i know how determined i am when i want something. lol. its crazzyyyyyy. 
well i just gave myself a chill pill... so i just gotta wait till whenever God is ready.

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