Tuesday, July 5, 2011

its like something in me just clicked...

like i'm mature now.
with childish tendencies every now && again, but mature nonetheless...
looking back on my freshman year, reflecting, reminiscing, && even regretting i just thank God.
i just really discovered myself. hahaha.
cliche but its the truth.
i anticipate life now.
like when i graduate college, get a job && start a family kinda life.
little things dont bother me, && petty things dont phase me.
its like when you look at the BIG picture, && figure out how your gonna get there, everything else is irrelevant.
GOSH, i wish i would've came to these realizations in high school.
i dont care about popularity anymore.. i'd trade all of it for a degree.
i mean i'm always gonna be well liked && the life of the party (cause i'm so fucking fun && charming ; ))
but i'd rather not be known as the girl who parties all the time && gets fucked up till the point she passes out, but as the girl who has her shit together... && she likes to party.
lol. what can i say i like to party! 
...i dont know where all this came from but i feel like in someway, i'm inspiring someone, somewhere.
or atleast giving them a good laugh.

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