Saturday, July 16, 2011

baby when i used to love you...

this post is ironically titled "baby when i used to love you..."
that song was stuck in my head so ehhhh.. *shrugs*
this summer has been pretty eventful, yet utterly boring at the same time..
my summer has been filled with a lot of nonsense.
most of it had absolutely nothing to do with me, but i always seemed to get pulled into useless wahala.
&& then the whole Prince thing... ya'll are so damnn gullible. hahaaa.
nothing more than a well calculated joke.
purely for my entertainment. 
i mean i like him, he's cool && all but all that other stuff on twitter && facebook was EXTRA.
i'd never really act like that over a dude.
it was fun while it lasted. everyone was texting me && call me about it. hahaha. 
ya'll know i thrive off attention... && so did he. thats why i had to drop his ass.
plus scorpios && aquariuses are compatible anyway.
thats been my entertainment... now for my headache...
this time its not even my fault! but i lost another bestie....
i still hoping this is only temporarily, but you never know with things.
its like we took a break, but ended up breaking up forreal... on like a bestfriend level.
i dont like the person she's becoming.. its sad. when you see people change for the worst, right before your eyes. heartbreaking really. 
&& there's nothing i can do about it. i'm not her mother.
we're not even really speaking... i just gotta sit back && watch her self destruct. 
cant deny... i'll be around to pick up the pieces afterwards.
...guess the title isnt so ironic after all.

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