Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the one that got away...

its 3:41...
i'm laying down just sad...
man, just so damn sad. smh.
its been over a year && i'm still not over him.
i thought i was but i'm not.
&& his happiness is aggressively ripping my heart to shreds.
i wish i was able to let it be && leave it alone but i can't.
i'm petty && i want him to be miserable without me.
i'm not miserable.. but knowing that he's happy with her can sure make me feel that way.
i'm jealous, i'm upset, i'm sad... alllaattt.
its just something i have to live with i guess, though my heart cannot suffer from this agony much longer..
i teared up a little.... lol. i'm weak sauce.

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