Thursday, May 19, 2011

take a chance with me, baby i wont do you no harmmm...

i always question myself on if i've ever been in love...
i used to think i was..
i dont know what changed that.
i just question it now...
i dont feel that i had the right ingredients in making this love recipe..
if that made any sense at all.
i mean.. i feel like i've been in love && since their arent any definite definitions of what love is i guess the theory that i've come to is the the only one i can go by.
hahahhaa. i'm not drunk, just speaking my mind.
i believe that love = infatuation + affection.
&& i've given both to certain people.
but i guess that didnt work, cause we're not together now....
ive been thinking... recently start talking back with a ex i thought i was in love with.
fucked my head alllllll the way up. lol.
we'll see how this turns out... summer love #1.

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