Sunday, May 29, 2011

i'm really good at cutting people outta my life.

like REALLY good.
like i consider it a talent of mine.
whether the problem is big or small, no matter how close we are if i feel an ounce of unloyalty or fakeness i will cut that person off without thinking twice or looking back.
one of the main reasons i cant trust people today...
maybe i just have a low tolerance for people fucking up..
actually i do. i give people like 110%, thats just the type of person i am..
&& when its not reciprocated i take that shit to heart && get offended.
i now realize how childish i can be, like cutting people off && stuff.
cause whenever im ready to make amends its like too late. 
lol. i been seeing 2 of my ex bestfriends around lately haha.
us 3 were like literally 3 peas in a pod. inseparable. 
but i cut them off. haha. very valid reasons too.
we dont even say hi anymore. we just ignore each other.
haha. i'm pretty sure we dont got ill feelings cause it was literally like 5 years ago but those friendships are longgggg gone. 
&& then just recently i cut dami off.
because of jermaine of all people. -________-
i fucking hate that kid.
i stopped talking to her for like a month, did everything by myself, lol.
 i was like lord, this cant be life
smh. then i realized i wasnt gonna let my pride && that dumbass come between me && my bestfriend.
&& we made up, like yesterday. haha. none of that gushy shit. 
just a "whats you been up to??" "nothing, whats up with you??"
seriously that how our convo went. hahaa. like nothing even occured.
like real thugs.

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