Thursday, April 28, 2011

tonight i earned my title as a BOSS.

i did it.
i run shit.
i got get shit done.
cant nobody tell me shitttttttttt!
i do what i want.
i dont wait around for someone to tell me what to do.
when my mind is set, that shit will come to pass.
whether my goals are attainable or not, i'll make away for that shit to happen.
cant nobody tell me shit, cause i march to my own mother fucking drum.
&& all you bitches is my sons.
(ok not really, just thought i'd add that in their though lol.)
sick of people complaining.
people always say their school is wack.
if its so wack do some shit, dont sit on your ass && run your mouth about it.
so I, single handedly, sent out a mass text around 12 today...
"Football Stadium. Midnight. Hide and go seek. Be there. Spread the word, but keep it on the DL."
i get shit done.
40+ heads showed up, with more people on the way..
niggas from TSU came, people from PV tweeting about it..
we went to Greystone, niggas over there asking if WE going...
overheard bitches i dont even fuck with talking about it in the cafe...
i just sit back and laugh.
if you want shit to happen, you gotta do it yourself.
i took matters into my own hands && of course it was a DUB.
...until the cops came. -_____-
i swear they were waiting on us...
we ran, regrouped, then relocated. 
&& hide and go seek was still a blast.
everybody was giving me my props..
but hey, it aint nothing to a BOSS. ;))

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