Tuesday, March 15, 2011

relationships... TAKE 4548124.

dont you hate when your in a relationship && everything is going great...
your happy, he's happy.. its just a wonderful relationship...
then you start planning ya'll's futures together.
in the back of your mind, you have your doubts.
this might not work out, but i want it to so baddddd.
so you plan && plan... little things, big things. just things.
&& then the inevitable day has come && ya'll break up.
&& its like where do you go from here??

lol. atleast thats how i am.
i'm in things for the long run, i hate when plans change but i LOVEEE to make plans.
i love to think ahead && make futures for me && whoever i'm with.
but personally i think when you do that your setting yourself up for failure..
planned my life with this kid... down to the day we got married..
we ended up breaking up && i've convinced myself that no one will ever wanna marry me.
*shoulder shrugs* its life...

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