Sunday, February 27, 2011

jojo's birthday weekend.

4 nights of EPICITY. pics coming soon...

my heart is shattered && my emotions are scattered.

the less i think, the less i have to deal with reality..
ughh. i dont trust, not even myself at this point.
i'm literally lost in the world... yet so OF the world.
i need to take a break, from life.
i need a hiatus, but then again i dont.
uncertainty is the reason for my unhappiness.
yeaaaaa, so that statement basically summed up my life.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


such a sad dayyyy.
my friend who was supposed to help me fix my computer couldnt.
so now i'll have to take it to cougar bytes && pay like $50,000.
i lost all my pictures && music.
i had SOOO many pictures!!!!!
so blogging is limited. ughhh.
but i got class so i gotta go now. bye.

Monday, February 14, 2011

: O

Untitled from GOLF BALLS. on Vimeo.

can you imagine?!!!
THIS is the type of stuff that goes on in the Freshman dorm.
i walked by this && it was like a car wreck, i couldnt take my eyes off it.
it sucks i only got 46 seconds of it, but they were doing even more sexual stuff before i started filming.
this is like the PG version.
i was so shocked. 
cause i seen stuff like this on youtube, but i never really thought about it like that.
i picture those random people, in like a far away land.
but this was RIGHT here. in the lounge, with an audience && everything.

Valentine's day.

dont really have certain thoughts on this day.
kinda sad that WE didnt last till February 14.
our 2 month would've been the 19th. :/
awww shit.
this is sad. lol.
nawww not really.
its whatever.
but uhmmm. to everyone else celebrating Vday,
Kudos to ya'll.
tell me why me && bria were walking from class && we saw the cutest asian && black couple.
ughhh. i was so jelly!
i'm still tryna find the anime club at UH.

my weekend.

cramps. :' (
step 1, frontier fiesta.
computer didnt get fixed. :/
mom bitching.
trap house.
Sam Houston w/ Bria; stayed Tina.
one night stand.
Valentine's day double date planned. ; ))
chilled with my girls...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

tales of a scorpio....

@ZodiacFacts #Scorpios never take friendship lightly. Love is a combination of the simple and the complex with them.
 @ZodiacFacts #Scorpios often demand more love and attention than anyone can give, yet they give it back, and more.

...both entirely to true.

Monday, February 7, 2011

i'm gonna be bold here for a minute.

i miss Travis... a lot.
sucks the way we ended.

i REFUSE to change for anybody.

a lot of people think i'm vain...
well at least i think a lot of people think i'm vain.
but anyway i dont feel that way, like at all.
i just say the things that people usually think in their heads out loud.
i dont know why i just do..
sometimes loving yourself isnt enough...
&& sometimes it is.
i figure, when you love yourself it makes no difference if anyone else loves you or not.
but then i also figured it sucks when no one loves you...
lol. oh the irony.

LMAO. @ drunk Mexicans.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


thats how i'm feeling right..
a lot of emotions are building up inside of me....
nowhere to turn but to my blog.
i'm not perfect nor do i claim to be.
i just wanna be happy.
some may call it selfish, but i call it prioritizing.
making myself first of course.
it feels like recently God has been punishing me, relationship && friendship wise.
i feel like just cause i'm close to you doesnt mean i could trust you.
&& that hurts my heart soooo much!
i could live without a boyfriend but without good friends i feel like i'm alone in the world.
&& it sucks when you think you have good friends but they end up just looking out for themselves.
maybe its just me but i cherish friendships a lot, i'm like the most loyal, trustworthy, ride or die person when it comes to my friends.
i just cant turn it off, even if i try.
i guess i expect more from people.. especially when i keep it 100 24/7.
common courtesy would tell you to not let me "find" things out.
especially with my temper.
but these are my "friends" so i cant go off, i just shut down.
dont like to think, dont like to talk... 
i'm just very frustrated. 
but i couldnt be "one deep" even if i tried! 
situations like this open my eyes && frost my heart.
...its a very sad thing.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WDYM "Its a Command" Tee.

retails for $20 at
love knows the worst && believes the best...