Saturday, January 8, 2011

the truth is i'm more complicated that i'd even like to admit myself.
sometimes i like to cause drama cause i dont have nothing else to do, have ridiculous crushes cause i'm bored with life, over exaggerate cause i'm mad...
things like that.
&& especially make something outta nothing.
ahaahha. it true.. it happens more often than not.
had a very long convo with whiteboy early this morning.
i like the fact that he doesnt take my shit, or let me walk all over him.
i actually loveeee that.
i realize that the only reason i'm so dominate towards men is cause of my dad && a little bit because of my brother.
their always in charge, their way or no way, very strict, no bullshit kinda people.
so when i'm with people that cant beat the hell outta me if i can rebel, i usually do.
i like to test the waters, push guys to their limit, see if they'll break.
most do. lol. i have a track record.
i guess its the scorpio in me. *shoulder shrugs*
but anyway we're good now!!!
actually better than we ever were, i like the fact that we can be totally honest with each other.
i loveeeeee it!!!!

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