Thursday, January 6, 2011


its was gooddd...
i mean it was cool && fun && everything...
we went to ihop. finally got a big steak omelet i was craving for.
that made me happy. ; ))
he came && got me from my house...
chilled, talked, a lot.
&& thats about it...
i mean... it was cool nothing bad happened.
except he didnt bring my Toms.
that pissed me off.
i gave him his gift.
he died. he thought it was fake at first.
-__________- do you know who i am?!
i was personally offended.
i didnt stay mad long though. lol.
now that we were together my heart raced so much.
i stumbled over words.. i was nervous.
...but there was no "ahhhhhhhhhh!" feeling.
maybe its just me... i be watching too many romance movies.
i put wayyyyyy too much expectation into this date...
i dont know why though. i mean i wasnt let down, i just was.. like hmmmm.
but anyway, we had "the talk."
lol. about monogamy. (only cause i watched it on sex&the city that morning)
yep! i actually brought it up.
i told him if he ever cheated on me it was over && i'd key his car.
i would too.

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