Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Dami && Kesef told me the sweetest things one day.
&& it really made me happy. lol. 
so i'm gonna blog about it.

ohkay so one day, me && dami were talking, she was like "if you had babies with an asian they would be really cute, if they had your eyes.
&& that made me soooo happy. cause i would have cute kids regardless, but i just pictured my features and my good traits with dark asian skin && either one of our hair, && the girl would be petite && the boy would be big. 
; ))
but when people are mixed with asian they look more asian than whatever their mixed with.
asians have very dominant traits. i wouldnt mind my children looking more like their daddy though.

&& then i was on oovoo with Kesef && he was dying over my dimples.
i love dimples so much, i just think there so sexy.
thats like the one thing i would change about my face. i wish i had deep dimples.
everyone in my family has nice dimples except me.
mine go like up && down my face, when usually people's go in. i wish i could put my finger in it. but i cant. : /
but its was very flattering that Kesef noticed, most people dont.

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