Monday, January 10, 2011

one of my dreams in life is to be on the Real World.
omg... i would DIEEEEEE!
&& i'm real lucky with things like that too. i always win, or get chosen for cool stuff.
when i'm 21 i'm gonna apply.
like seriously i wanna do it so bad!!
i'll be whoever they need me to be the bitch, the crybaby, the alcoholic, the slut WHOEVER!!!
my friend told me i have a very altercative, if thats even a word, personality.
he said i'll likely get picked cause i'll fight with everyone.
well if thats what it takes i'll do it!!!
i hope we're set in somewhere cold like Chicago...
OMG if we were in Atlanta i'd DIEEEEE.
lol. i'm getting too excited thinking about this!!!

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