Wednesday, January 5, 2011

its 4:03 in the morning...

sleep is a thing of the past...
whenever my eyes drop is whenever sleep comes...
i cant decide if i'm an insomniac or just nocturnal..
either way, sleep aint gonna be calling my name anytime soon.
so, i'm up.
thinking back on how my day went.
...analyzing each sentence, action && movement made by my surroundings.
after that i stop to check my phone...
no texts.
no missed calls.
i go straight to my inbox.
there lies my happiness...
&& i read... from 12/19 to 1/5.
the day we started up till now.
i smile to myself, only cause i'm embarrassed by half the stuff i've said to him.
i analyze a bit more of what he says... just to make sure i didnt miss anything crucial.
i'm still smiling. the feeling is indescribable, inexplainable. 
i'm not in love. i admit this.
i'm in appreciation... i really appreciate the way this boy is making me feel.
&& that is all.

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