Tuesday, January 4, 2011

had a great day today. ; ))

took my love AJ on a lunch date. ; ))
actually Dami drove. sooooo.. she took us. lol.
but i spent the day with two people i sincerely adore.
we had lunch a kim son then did a lil window shopping.
the whole time i was picturing like a scene from girlfriends.
ahahahha. it was so cute. 
but i realized that those two people were the only ones who've seen my life. like really seen it.
all the ups && all the downs....
they been with me at the most happiest && crucial points of my life.
its not really hard to find a good friend, but its really hard to keep one.
&& we've been rocking for awhile now.
 aj attacked my plate. smh.
 the aftermath.
 the "homeless" look.
 look at my fusion weaveeee! ; ))
my loves. <3

ps. this nigga aj ran away from home!! bahahha
i'm like, "aj your 17. its called leaving the house."
he plans to stay out for a month. .___.
we'll see.

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