Sunday, January 30, 2011

drunken rants, sober thoughts....

last night me && the girls got shitfaced.
like outta control drunk.
i passed out in the hallway of the dorm, was paranoid, did some stuff i dont even wanna remember.
&& then i started drunk dialing.
its like i'm aware of it, but i'm so carefree while i'm drunk it doesnt even register.
i checked my call log this morning. smh.
6 calls.
all boys.
left 2 voicemails.
in conclusion, i realized that those 6 people i called were significant one way or another in my life.
&& it took me all that to realize it.
lol. so if i ever drunk dial you, you should feel honored.
that means your pretty darn special to me. ; ))

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