Sunday, January 23, 2011

back in houston for the weekend.

i came back cause i gotta do something on Sunday, but when i'm at school i usually have to come back for the whole weekend.
Yesterday started off the day going to Papa && Matt's basketball game with Tonia, Uncle Boudreaux && EJ.
Travis won, of course. ; ))
went back to Tonia's house && Boudreaux LS'd my life to my smh.
my aunt thinks i'm a fast lil whore!!!
which is not trueeee! lmao.
we gave all us a "talk" actually, it was cute.
then i went to dami's house.
later on we went to lizzy's dinner thingy..
it was uhmmm... quite interesting.
we ended up going to Hooters next door with Noella && Vanessa.
me && dami got hit on by this super cute white guy && his friends, including his dad.
J. Rose, 26, football coach at TAMU -Kingsville.
he kept calling us racist. ahahaha.
he must not know about my current situation.
he was a little drunk though.
noella && vanessa felt soooo uncomfortable && were being rude to the guys.
but they're young && i guess they just arent used to being hit on by older guys.
me && dami were flirting away!!
but i wish i was there with bria, shelly && jojo.
we wouldve gotten them to buy us drinks && went to chill with them afterwards.
they asked, but dami was scared. smh.
it made realize how open minded college has made me.
i always willing to try new things, chill with random people && not judge others.
going out again tonight... single && ready to mingle!! ; ))

&& i left my purse in Tonia's car so i couldnt even take pics! :'(

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