Friday, December 17, 2010

watching i can do bad all by myself..

its a good movie so far..
i started tearing up, well actually really crying at the scenes where tiraji was crying. lol.
she's a good actor.
sadly the theme of the day has been death.
well i guess yesterday..
this girl from the WEST died.
not a very admirable death, but a death nonetheless.
&& the 16th marked 7 months since Tobi's death.
i wanna admit this... cause sometimes its easier for me to type my feelings than to tell them to people.
i miss that kid a lot.
&& sometimes i get the urge to leave my heartfelt message on his wall on facebook but everytime i try to i get embarrased && dont.
... its just something that effects me personally && no one would understand how.
it basically couldve been me that night... i hate remembering prom night && usually never talk about it.
all i know is that if someone else close to me died again i just dont want to know.
let me be in the dark PLEASE.
not everyone can handle death, grieve && move on.
i'm one of those people that cant. so i'd just rather not know.
please everyone, i beg of you! BE SAFE && dont put yourself in harm's way.
God will take care of the rest.

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