Tuesday, December 21, 2010


i'm in this LS relationship.
lol. with white boy.
he's not really LS but the situation in which it occured is...
i gotta be lowkey about him until i tell a certain someone.
lol. i guess i'm the LS one.
*shoulder shrug* it bothers me none.
but anywayyyyyyyyyy...
ohkay ya'll know how excited you get when you first get into a relationship && everything is new?
lol. like everything about this kid amazes me!!
&& he has the perfect sense of humor.
mmk, so yesterday we were talking && he wanted me to teach him yoruba.
&& it was so cute cause he really wanted speak it.
lol. but i dont really know that much.
ahhh. he asked me what i wanted for Christmas... (perfect boyfriend)
for a minute i was stuck, contemplating whether i should take advantage of him or not.
it was a hard decision, for real though...
but if i wanna make this work, i gotta get rid of bad habits.
so i will be getting my sparkly black toms. : )
but valentines day is a whole nother ball field!!!
awww... look at me thinking about our future. cuteeeeeee.